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Global VP of Marketing

Daniel Baresic

Daniel Baresic

As Global Vice President of Marketing, Daniel Baresic is responsible for leading Keypath’s marketing team. His team develops and implements digital and direct response initiatives to drive student inquiry generation. 

Daniel’s expertise in marketing strategy development, functional prioritization, marketing leadership development, business development activities, budget development, internal process development, academic partner support, international support, and cross-functional leadership all drive Keypath’s marketing initiatives. 

What do you bring to Keypath as Global VP of Marketing?

Being an organizational leader while operationalizing business growth within the marketing function is my goal, and that means wearing many hats to align the marketing function to our organization goals. I manage the delicate balance of adapting for efficiencies and standardizing processes. 

How do you measure your success?

My success is measured through the success of others. I believe that as a leader, you must always be working to build a team capable of replacing you. If you are not doing that, you are not being a leader. When I see my team grow, learn and contribute to our goals, it is a measurement of my success. 

What’s your personal motto?

“Quality over quantity” was something that I learned as teenager in one of my first jobs working for my uncle in his machine shop. Back then, it was in the sense of what we were physically producing, but over time it’s been a gut check in terms of relationships, time management and staffing. 

What excites you about higher education? 

I’m excited about where higher education is headed and how technology is changing it. We are at the forefront of change in such an important sector in society. I believe that “online education” is now just “education,” in the same way that “digital marketing” is now just “marketing.” These evolutions and how they relate to higher education excite me.  

If you found yourself stranded on a deserted island, what book would you wish you had?

The Bible!


“I believe that ‘online education’ is now just ‘education,’ in the same way that ‘digital marketing’ is just ‘marketing.’”

Daniel Baresic, Global VP of Marketing