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Chief People Officer

Ofa Stead


As Chief People Officer, Ofa Stead oversees Keypath's global HR team to lead employee development, global people strategy, talent, and enhancing company culture.

What do you bring to Keypath as Chief People Officer?

Global experience across the markets in which we operate and a proven track record of creating places to work where people can be authentic and grow into their full potential. As the most senior female leader at Keypath I also bring strong shoulders for other women to stand upon to succeed.

How do you measure your success?

Success for me is holistic.  Empowering relationships at work, elevation of others, a healthy happy family and time for reflection or prayers at night.

What excites you about higher education?

Education enormously changed my life, so I know well how it can create windows of  wonderment and opportunity.  As a sector, higher education is in the midst of a major transformation and Keypath plays a pivotal role as thought leader in this change.

"Always be kind to others"

Ofa Stead, Chief People Officer