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Profile of a Role: Keypath Instructional Designer

04/05/18   |  
Melissa Filotas

Around the globe, Keypath employees are united by their belief in the transformative power of education, their commitment to helping our university partners create the best online education experiences, and their enthusiasm for their work. Their distinctive skills, responsibilities and personalities are what allow Keypath to continue providing unrivaled education services.

We would like to give you a glimpse into who these employees are, and how their expertise translates into success for our partners.

Melissa Filotas discusses what she does at Keypath, why she loves it, and how the Instructional Designer role is integral to student satisfaction.

As an instructional designer, my key responsibilities involve consulting with subject matter experts (SMEs) to learn more about their content, so I can build engaging, creative, and effective courses. During these consultation calls, I review content provided by SMEs, suggest ideas for enhancing the content, brainstorm interactive activities for representing the content and assessing students, and provide support as SMEs work through the course development process.

What kind of skills do you need to be an Instructional Designer?

To be an effective instructional designer, you must be articulate, creative, innovative, collaborative, and be able to multitask. Since instructional designers work on multiple courses across numerous programs, it is very important that an instructional designer be organized. In addition, an effective instructional designer must understand the backwards design process employed throughout the development process to create the most effective courses. This process ensures that all assessments and activities are aligned to weekly course objectives and that the course is following sound pedagogy.

Why is your role important at Keypath?

The instructional design role, which is part of the course development department, is crucial to helping partners deliver the most effective and engaging courses for their students. Since students may work full-time jobs, live in rural areas without access to brick and mortar universities, or have other demands that prevent them from attending on-ground courses, instructional designers at Keypath play a significant role in providing all students the opportunity to obtain a comparable education without physically attending classes at a college or university.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with my Keypath colleagues who care about delivering quality education in an online environment, and who continually research best practices and innovative tools to employ in order to foster authentic experiences and student engagement. In addition, I enjoy working with subject matter experts to help make their course ideas come to fruition.

What do you enjoy most about working at Keypath?

My colleagues – the committed professionals who make work fun and enjoyable each and every day! Although I work on the US virtual team, I feel connected to my coworkers since we chat on a regular basis.