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Design and deliver quality online learning experiences with support from Keypath.


In Canada, working professionals have traditionally been underserved by Canada’s post-secondary education system. In response to this challenge, universities are shifting towards career-relevant online programs that address job market demand and are seeking opportunities to diversify revenue sources as funding challenges grow. 

Keypath Education provides the online program management that’s helping universities rethink their program design and delivery strategies. Universities across Canada work with us to reimagine and redesign existing face-to-face program offerings to deliver quality online learning experiences, or create new programs altogether to meet industry demand.

We fund and invest the upfront capital needed for marketing, infrastructure and personnel to ensure a quick launch and successful partnership that generates incremental student revenue, reaches broader audiences and maintains your brand and reputation throughout.


Get more information about how Keypath can simplify the challenge of delivering and implementing quality online learning experiences:

  • Ongoing Capital Investment
  • Market Research on Canadian Enrolment
  • Program Design
  • Student Marketing, Recruitment and Support
  • Clinical and Practicum Placement

Together, we can deliver industry-relevant hybrid and online program offerings to working Canadians and provide greater access to rural and Indigenous professionals.


“Our partnership with Keypath has been a revelation. We are very new to the online degree world, and we simply didn’t know what the possibilities were, or how we needed to work in this space to be successful. We needed an OPM partner with significant experience in online degrees to guide us toward best practices, and to work closely and carefully with us as we adapted our internal systems and culture to pursue this strategic initiative.”

Bruce Arai, Assistant Provost: Strategy and Dean, Faculty of Human and Social Sciences


Partner with us to design and deliver the most career-relevant online programs



Upfront capital and operational resources needed to launch cost-recovery programs


Expertise in turning existing face-to-face programs into an online or hybrid format


University maintains academic quality and control


Talented team of 60+ based in Toronto with 5+ years working with Canadian universities

Commonly asked questions

We know launching online programs requires significant capital and resources. In our partnerships, we provide upfront funding and ongoing implementation, so we assess every program before investing. Our proprietary tech and data platform, KeypathEDGE, allows us to explore degree demand, occupational demand, and the competitive landscape to inform program viability, structure, and delivery.

We act as an extension of your university's team, keeping your brand and academic rigour intact while accelerating the process and scale. We have experience working with the provinces to modify existing programs within the bounds of their approval processes (e.g. major modification), on a cost-recovery basis, while maintaining the provincial funding for the unmodified program.

We use the university’s existing curriculum, faculty, and brand messaging to co-design the online offering. University staff are involved in as much or as little of the process to ensure your reputation and academic standards are met. Our expertise in online facilitation and carousel delivery structure allows for a flexible learning experience and higher retention rates.

Partner with Keypath to expand your program and reach working Canadians


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