Why Keypath

Not all online education services companies are alike. Some require you to adopt their proprietary technology. Others lock you into services you don’t need. Keypath is the only partner tailored to your university.

Can you achieve both quick wins and executive long-term strategies? We think so. More than 250 Keypathers around the world have teamed with our internationally and nationally ranked university partners to make it possible, and it shows in our partnerships and performance.

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Hallmarks of a Keypath Partnership

  • Global reach
  • Customizable services
  • Flexible financial model
  • Unrivaled online experience
  • Ongoing research and optimization
  • University academic control

"At the risk of being grandiose, our partnership with Keypath has been a revelation. We are very new to the online degree world, and we simply didn’t know what the possibilities were, or how we needed to work in this space to be successful. We needed an OPM partner with significant experience in online degrees to guide us in terms of best practices, and to work closely and carefully with us as we adapted our internal systems and culture to pursue this strategic initiative. There have been a lot of issues and details that needed to be worked out in all of our programs, and we have not always met these challenges with the best attitude or speed internally. So it has been invaluable to work with a company like Keypath that has always displayed a level of professionalism and responsiveness that we can aspire to."

Bruce Arai, Assistant Provost: Strategy and Dean, Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, Wilfrid Laurier University

Keypath Results by the Numbers

  • 80% lower university investment
  • 2-3x faster breakeven and profit
  • Up to 95% term-over-term retention rates
  • 150+ programs built by our leadership team
  • 100% on-time launches 

Keypath Partner Recognitions

  • 13 partners ranked in the top 3% of universities worldwide
  •  6 partners listed on the Young University Rankings
  • 11 US partners ranked by USN&WR
  • 4 partners from Australia’s top 20 universities
  • 1 Russell Group university in the UK