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A Guide for Canadian Postsecondary Education: 

Online Macro-credentials

Providing Solutions for

"The Future of Work"


Developed for Canadian universities to address the evolution of the job market, this guide provides a framework for a new direction for postsecondary institutions.

Online macro-credentials - comprehensive programs developed for fields that see significant occupational demand, projected job growth, and the potential for creating economic and social impact - help meet the needs of both working learners and employers. 

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  • Defines and describes the online macro-credential program model
  • Introduces Keypath's framework for creating high-quality, career-oriented degree programs
  • Outlines a new way forward for postsecondary schools, learners, and employers



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“By offering high-quality, skills-driven education online, colleges and universities could be adding a diverse, motivated, and exciting set of learners into their educational communities—all while the student has the chance to stay in theirs, fulfilling professional and personal obligations that would otherwise prevent them from entering a traditional course of study.”

Graeme Owens, EVP & Country Manager, Keypath Education Canada.