Engineering case study

Our partner was seeking to increase enrollment in its online programs and wanted to see quick results in recruitment and enrollment without investing internal resources in research, marketing, staff time or capital. We took the partner from contract signature to market in only seven weeks, while upholding brand standards and without sacrificing quality. In less than six months, we launched a full, research-backed website redesign and implemented a proprietary approach to course delivery. Together, these changes have allowed the partner to take command of its regional market and increase enrollment in the targeted program more than 600 percent.

Programs Supported
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Science in Engineering Management
  • Master of Science in Lean Manufacturing
  • Master of Science in Operations Management
  • Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

Our university vetted more than a half a dozen potential academic partners before finally choosing Keypath as a preferred partner. Keypath has brought a depth and breadth of experience to our marketing including search engine optimization, pay per click and social media. In addition, our students now benefit from a higher level of customer service and professional advising. We are pleased to partner with Keypath as we grow our online programs.

University Vice President

About the Partner

This Keypath online program management (OPM) partner is a nonprofit university with a long history of training students for careers in the manufacturing industry. The institution is highly ranked and respected for its unique experiential education structure.

Research and Analysis Uncovered Opportunities

Our experts began by performing research and completing a proprietary institutional assessment to identify opportunities and gather data on which to build a marketing and recruitment approach. We performed primary and secondary research, including enrollment analysis, targeted focus groups, and faculty and staff interviews.

The results differed from what we expected, which affected time and money spent on a variety of marketing tactics. We were able to identify the right target audience and focus marketing efforts to increase prospective student interest and enrollments. Once we understood more about the partner’s true enrollment demographic, we were able to develop two target personas for each program and tailor our marketing accordingly. We then created a development and go-live strategy strictly based on the partner’s established brand, our research and industry best practices. While we valued and implemented stakeholder feedback throughout the process, we ultimately made data-driven decisions. These decisions paid off, and the partner experienced outstanding results very quickly.

Proven Approach Garnered Immediate Results

  • In one year, student enrollment in the targeted program increased more than 600%
  • Since the website relaunch, direct and organic search traffic are up 124% and 90%, respectively
  • The bounce rate for the partner’s redesigned site decreased by 95%